Our Story

Ever since reading The Snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Hemingway at the age of 18, I have wanted to climb this mountain. Combining this lifelong dream with the desire to raise money for caring non-profit organizations that give back to the beauty of this country is at the top of my list. My wish for this trek up Mount Kilimanjaro is to assemble like-minded individuals who not only have an interest in the climb but a longing to give back!

Nonprofits We Serve

We sponsor several non-profits including Imbako Health, Scott Rigsby Foundation, Second Wind Dreams plus any organization(s) our climbers wish to support.

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." -Sir Edmund Hilary

Meet the Team

Solomon Holdings, LLC is a visionary, multidimensional company that owns and operates The Holbrook and Dogwood Forest brands, among other enterprises. These are all operated under 
Our motto is to simply be the “best of class” and change the lives of those we serve for the better.


Al Holbrook


Visionary, Entrepreneur, Blessed, Mr. Holbrook has founded over 40 businesses and partnerships, co-founded two National Trade Associations and numerous non-profits. His focus now is disruptive living, with a focus on the 50 plus age group population but is also focusing in on the younger age groups with special needs.


Scott Rigsby

Team Leader

He's done more on two prosthetic legs than most anyone has ever done! Scott Rigsby is a double amputee who has completed more than 13 triathlons. In 2007 he became the first double amputee in the world to finish the grueling Hawaiian Ironman triathlon using prosthetics at the Ford Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. He is excited to be on the Mount KM team to show everyone what is possible when you focus and believe in yourself!


Jeanette Yosanovich

Event Leader

Ms. Yosanovich holds considerable administrative experience and provides support for Solomon Development and Speak Life.  She's excited to be on board with Mount KM and can't wait to bring her advanced project management skills including, event planning, organization and multi-tasking to the group! I look forward to meeting you and helping you organize the trip of your life.

Are you ready?

The trip of a lifetime is here! No more waiting for the right time to get out there and do it. Pursue your desire for adventure, the time is now!