Please refer to this guide for answers to your questions about our trip up Mount Kilimanjaro.

For any other questions, please contact us!

What should I bring?

Please refer to our How To Prepare page for a list of what to bring!

What fitness level is required to climb Mount K?

We highly recommend training your legs and practicing endurance prior to the climb. You do not have to be the fittest person in the world, but lower body strength and endurance will help push you to the top. Practice hiking and running outside to help prepare for the challenge ahead. At the very least, begin training 2 months prior to your trip.

Remember, Mount Kilimanjaro is considered a walk-up mountain, so it's one of the easier epic climbs you can do without ropes! The weather helps too as temperatures are often mild, especially in the summer months!

How long does it take?

Most people reach the summit within 5-9 days. When training, prepare yourself to hike at least 5-7 hours per day.

How Can I Prepare for high altitude?

This varies based on the individual, some are easily acclimated, some are not. The best thing to do is get in shape and increase your fitness level. There are also altitude training systems out there for those who need extra peace of mind. AltitudeTech is a leading manufacture of altitude training systems.

Can anyone of any age climb?

YES! This guy completed the climb when he was 84! Kyle Maynard completed the hike with no arms or legs! And this amazing woman was able to climb at the age of 86! There are no limitations to what you can achieve when you dedicate your mind and body to a specific goal!

Do I need a medical check up or vaccines prior to the trip?

Please consult your doctor to see which vaccines they recommend prior to your trip up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Who is in charge?

We partner up with the best tour guides in the industry so all you have to worry about is preparing for the climb and arriving there safely. The rest is up to us and our team is specially trained to make the climb a success for all those involved. With any trek up a mountain, there are always certain risks, (waivers will be signed prior to climb), but we assure you that our designated tour guides will be the most educated & trained option.